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Stephanie "Blackdays"

Wow!!. You paint very well. I love them all. The Unicorn is my all time favorite though.

Sv:Stephanie "Blackdays"

Nice to hear from you !( Its a long way from USA :) Love to hear your comments, nice that you like my paintings :)

unicorn & the vikings pic

I love those two Thomas thank you for the inspiration and
For such awesome work,love them ....:)

Medusas raft and Medusa

Thank you for inspiring me Thomas:)

I love it,you never fail to amaze me with your paintings.

Keep up the good work:)


Wouw Tomas, it is beautiful, l love the colours, you realy did surprise me:)
thx for sharing it with me.


Thanks for your nice comments !!!

Darnassus & Howling Fjord

These two are my two all time favourites :)
Congratulations on such awesome paintings:)
I look forward to many many more :)

Sv: Darnassus & Howling Fjord

Ty Betsie :) so nice to heare

Perfekt !

Jättebra tavlor fassan !
Jag ser att "två" proffs varit i arbete hehe


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