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A winter with a wagon like this I would love to have !! :))


Thanks a lot Birgitta ! Me to :) Glad you like the painting !!!


Thank you Thomas:)
I love Rapids its so beautiful & serene,and the colours are so beautiful:)
Awesome work:)

the Northern lights and all the new paintings

Hi Thomas,
all the new content is so amazing:)
I love the colors and details in all of them,it inspires me to paint :)

Awesome work,keep it up.

Amazing paintings

Your paintings are really beatiful Tomas.

the Nymphs Hyjal,medusas raft,once upon a time

You've done it again Thomas:)
All 3 are so beautiful and all dreamy:)
I love the fantasy paintings,they're awesome.
Keep it up:)

Sv:the Nymphs Hyjal,medusas raft,once upon a time

Dont know how to thank you :) its ppl like you who make me keep it up :) Ty


Really really good.


Thank you Tony :)


I think several of these are simply fantastically beautiful. Thank you for this!

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